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6 Best Network Monitoring Software
Network Monitoring Software is a computer program used to monitor the overall working of any computer network. These technologies identify network issues by comparing the live output to a predicted level of performance. They are used to calculate response time, availability, preciseness, stability, and the network’s total traffic, based upon previous and real-time data. Below is a list of the top 6 Network Monitoring Software that is recommended for businesses and professional work.


First on our list is the software known as the Godzilla of network monitoring software, i.e., Dynatrace. It is a really powerful software yet known to be very simple and straightforward to use. The software is programmed to break down the cloud complexity and boost the transformation in digital form. The intelligence of the software makes it reliable over other software available in the market. Dynatrace gives exact results about the working of the application and helps produce more value effortlessly. It automatically monitors the working of all the users and conceives results for the organizations to coagulate precisely and inaugurate faster results. No doubt it is trusted by most gigantic enterprises all around the world.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor:

SolarWinds NPM is an inexpensive and straightforward network management software that is based on a Windows Server. This tool lessens network outages and effortlessly searches scans, and fixes network performance errors. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) provides advanced network troubleshooting for networks in place, cloud or hybrid ones, including essential route hop-by-hop analysis. It is one of the most favored network monitoring systems that use SNMP to monitor network device statuses. For evaluating advanced performance, access your router panel with

Many big guns of the business world use this software to keep an eye on their networks. This network monitoring tool has an auto-discovery feature, which automatically compiles an asset inventory and automatically generates a network topology map.


In the era of cloud computing, Datadog is a multipurpose Network Monitoring Software. It is utilized for its services like surveillance, security, and analytics platform for software developers, IT operations teams, network engineers, and business users. Datadog uses a SaaS platform to mix and automate network monitoring and working of different applications on the network to provide indivisible, real-time observation of our user’s full technology stack. Small-scale and large-scale businesses use Datadog in various fields and industries to allow digital transformation and cloud migration and drive cooperation among growth, operations, security, and business teams. In addition, Datadog shortens time to market for apps, protects applications and infrastructure, understands customer behavior, and monitors key entrepreneur metrics.

Progress Whatsup Gold:

In the contemporary world, network and system administrators must monitor each and everything connected to the network. They are responsible for fixing issues and troubleshooting these errors before they affect end users. To keep up, the admins have to be very fast in accessing the problem and responding to the error quickly. If the admins are irresponsible in doing their tasks, the business connected to the server loses a lot of money. Time is money in the business world, so the system administrators must identify the problems even before they affect the customer. This is where Progress Whatsup Gold comes into play. Many system administrators use this software to monitor the network as it is programmed and optimized to give quick responses. It comes with a 14 days free trial. This network monitoring software keeps the data of networks connected. It tracks which network has stopped working, is working slower than normal, or has failed to do its task. This software immediately reports any network-related issue so that the administrators take important measures against the issue.

Ninja RMM:

If your business is looking for a Network monitoring software that is programmed to be multi-functional and carry out multiple business-related tasks solitarily, then you should try NinjaRMM. This software is programmed for network monitoring and management at the same time. It utilizes robust and efficient functions with a straightforward user interface. The software is a ninja in the network monitoring world. It provides many functions like network monitoring, antivirus, patch-ups, IT automation, and much more in solitary software. This software was ranked 1 for its streamlined working, giving good quality support through simple UI and IT professionals love to use it.


Auvik is a cloud-based network monitoring software in the latest world. This software is designed in such a way that it automates and simplifies the network. Auvik has helped many IT networks all around the world to work efficiently and optimally. The software is also well known for its high security that protects businesses from risks related to the networks. It combines several powerful functions like backup, restore, troubleshoot, antivirus, network monitoring, and many more. Auvik is a fast, trustworthy, and easy-to-all install network monitoring software that requires no new hardware for installation. This is free-to-use software. There are a lot of benefits to using this software. You can quickly find and audit new network connections and also create a network map. Using Auvik, you can easily manage your networks from any part of the earth. The software is also really efficient in finding and fixing the problems that occur in the network. Overall, this network monitoring software is reliable, and if you face any problem in using it, you can contact Auvik’s customer support through email or call anytime.

We hope that this article was very helpful for you in understanding the benefits of different types of Network Monitoring Software that are currently used by most major businesses and IT professionals.

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