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6 Reasons for Abandoned Cart and Ways to Convert them into Leads

The abandoned cart is probably the biggest nightmare of online vendors. As per reports, approximately 68% of the online shoppers abandon their cart which means the loss of some visitors who were close to moving to the checkout page. However, as per experts, not every abandoned cart is convertible. Hence, it won’t be wrong to state that it is the biggest lie that you believed to be true. No matter the statistical figures, converting these visitors into paying customers is the biggest challenge of the store owners.
In order to convert them, you need to know the reason behind their abandonment. Listed below are some of the reasons that make the customers leave their cart and tips that can help you convert the abandoned carts into profitable leads. Read on to find out.


Reasons: Why Customer Leave your Cart

Reason #1: Unexpected price and additional cost

Any hidden cost or shipping charge will lead to bailing out of the customers. Not just this, they may not even return again. So, keep the entire transaction smooth and transparent. Any additional charges should be informed in the initial checkout process itself. Moreover, do not offer anything that you can’t fulfill. Not keeping the promises may affect your relationship with your customers. Moreover, reaching out social media platform is just a matter of few clicks for the online shoppers. So, the key to curb the cart abandonment is, to be honest.

Reason #2: No Guest Login option


It’s a proven fact that the online shoppers hesitate in giving their information in every store. Moreover, going through the entire process of form-filling is annoying and leads to approximately 35% of cart abandonment. Most of the online shoppers feel that asking for too much information and forcing them to create an account is a good enough reason for them exit the site. Hence, provide your visitors the option to log in as a guest visitor. Providing the option of social login is another great way to enhance the shopping experience and reduce cart abandonment.

Reason #3: Complicated checkout process


Ironically, 20-30% of the abandonment takes place on the checkout page, that is, when you are just a step away from generating a lead. Hence, optimizing you checkout page can definitely help get some of those conversions. Offering the option of one-page checkout along with the choice of guest checkout can help curtail these exits. Make the experience easier for the visitors and they’ll easily convert into profitable leads. Not offering multiple options for payment is another reason for cart abandonment. Along with multiple payment options, make sure that you offer all the shipping methods that your target audience are looking for.

Reason #4: Risk of security lapse


Online payment is the biggest concern for the shoppers. The authentication of the payment gateway is one of the reasons why some customers abandon the transaction from the payment gateway. Ensure the security of the personal information of the customers by adding security badges at the payment page. This will help you retain the confidence of the shoppers. Keep the customers notified about the progression of the transaction by flashing messages such as ‘Your transaction is being processed’, ‘Please wait! This may take some minutes’ and others. The exit rate would automatically reduce ones you are able to built the confidence in your customers.

Reason #5: Email retargeting


Retarget your customers by providing a solution for their pain areas. Just presenting your product and the brand is not enough. Create a strong email campaign and treat your customers with some special offers. Keep a track on the details of the customer bailing out from their shopping cart. Prestashop abandoned cart module is one such plugin for the Prestashop eCommerce users that can help you in the same. Send frequent promotional triggers to these site visitors and compel them to complete their transactions.

Reason #6: Rebuilding the trust factor


This is another reason why the customers restrain themselves from going to the checkout page. The best way to build a lasting trust in the mind of your customers through word-of-mouth. The reviews of the store and the products are the first things that are noticed by placing an order online. Include reviews and ratings of the customers who have already used your products. Adding testimonial to your store is another way to stay in the good books of the customers. Whether you are catering your customers through a mobile app or a website, testimonials can help in attracting more audience to your web store.


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Remove all friction from the website is the key to reducing shopping cart abandonment. In order to do so, you need to stay abreast of the visitor’s behavior. Analyze the mind of your customer and work in order to fix up the problems coming in the way of your conversions.

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