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7 Ways you can Aid the Purchase Decision Of your Online Customers

Whether you are selling the products online or offline, the process of decision making of the customers is always complex. This is especially an unavoidable issue on the online platform. With so many distractions on the internet, making the customers to purchase from your site is quite a task. As per a report, 73% of purchase decisions begin with research conducted on either Google or Amazon.

Thus, driving them to a particular site and compelling them to complete the transaction from there is not easy.

The basic concept of marketing of delivering the right product to the right person at the right time and place kind of fails when there are so many options to choose from. Moreover, just driving the traffic to your site is not enough, you need to motivate the visitors and convert their touch points into prospective leads. The write-up has complied some of the ways by which the eCommerce marketers can influence the purchase decision of the online shoppers. Read on to know.


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Seven Important Tips to implement to Convert users into Customers

Spread the Word-of-mouth

Since the customers don’t get the look and feel of the product in the virtual stores, you need to build a sense of trust. This can be done by spreading word of mouth on the various platforms. Social media is one such medium that can help you gain much-needed confidence of the customers. Promote your products and services on these platforms can help in referral marketing. The automated messages, stalking and spamming won’t do any good anymore. As the online shoppers like to influence and get influenced by people they can relate to. The likes, shares and the comments on the various social media platform are few of the things that can help them take their purchase decision. Engage your prospective customers on these platforms. Take their comments and answers their queries as well as complains.

Be an adviser not a seller

Most of the search queries of the online shoppers include questions. Hence, the best way to sell the product is not to actually sell. Instead of compelling them to place the order, educate them about the solutions provided by you. Provide them the information that they are looking for. Provide them advice and the sales shall follow. Even the contents of the website should be structured in such way that they answer the queries of the end users. It is an inevitable fact that the purchase decision comes from the subconscious. Thus, reaching out to the consumer’s subconscious is the key. An informative web content can help you in doing so. Be the adviser and the conversions shall shoot up.

Keep the customers informed

Along with the advice and solutions that the customers are looking for, you need to keep them informed about the activities of the store. A store visitor won’t add a product to the cart if he/she is not able to relate to it. So, provides the adequate information of the product and services. Along with the product descriptions, the visual triggers such as images and videos may prove beneficial. Include the testimonial of the customers on the product pages. The ratings are probably the first thing that a person would look for before placing the order. Keep the prospective customers informed and this will make their purchase decision easier.

Giveaways are the driving force

Undoubtedly, the online shoppers look forward to getting the offers and discounts that they don’t receive on the physical stores. While email marketing and SMS services have shown their worth in converting the visitors into customers, the store admin need to come up with innovative idea to offer these giveaways. Make the customers feels as if they have hit a bargain. The interactive pop-ups such as Prestashop spin and win addon is one such way to make the giveaways even more alluring. These innovative ways can help you get more subscribers and at the same time provide compelling reasons for the customers to complete the transaction.

Build a connect with the customer

Just holding the position in Google’s SERP is not enough. The eCommerce stores need to build a relation of trust with the customers. In order to accomplish it, the positive experience of the store visitors matter. Every visitor is important whether they buy from you or not. Offering real time interface is one of the ways to build that connect. The live chat options and 24/7 customer support is another way to ensure at par shopping experience. Stay in touch with them even after they have made an initial purchase.

Highlight the reviews and ratings

As mentioned above, the reviews and ratings are the very thing that is considered before placing the order. So, make sure that you include the testimonial of the your existing customers on the website. While the positive reviews can add to the brand image, the negative ones can destroy it at the same time. Hence, you need to stay on your toes to handle the complains of the store visitors. Not just on the site, the reviews and complains may even come on the various social media platforms where you are promoting it. Hence, highlight the positive ratings and handles the negative ones efficiently.

Focus on customer engagement

The more time the visitor spends on the website, the higher is the chances of conversions. Thus, make sure you are able to engage your store visitors for a longer duration. Analyze the loop holes and the strong areas of your website. Enhance the performance of call-to-action triggers by indulging into heatmap analysis. Curb the bounce of the visitors by providing them with offers right at the time when they intend to exit the site. Increase the time they spend on your website the chances of them placing their order shall increase.


Establish a lasting relationship by enduring a sense of trust. Once this customer relationship is established, the art of converting them into prospective lead becomes easier. Focusing on consumer behavior and expectation is the key. Just work inline with what the exactly the online shoppers expect and you shall reap the desired result.

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