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Best Things About Working in Internet Security

Why This Truly Is a Modern Form of Policing and Catching out the Bad Guys

Growing up to become a police officer is one of those big childhood dream occupations, but today, policing is not just reserved to what is happening on the streets. Cybercrime is becoming a growing problem across the world – knowing no limits or boundaries but running rife amongst organisations and companies in every sector.

Today, cybercrime has become a top three society risk, sitting alongside the likes of extreme weather and natural disasters. The biggest defence out there to protect businesses and organisations are the people working in internet security; those that know how to think and act like a hacker, but who is there to safeguard information and ultimately stop the bad guys in their tracks.

So, what is it really like to work in the world of cyber security and police the criminals out to steal data?


A New Day – Every day

Internet security is a diverse career, in more ways than you may ever have imagined. Working in internet security means that every single day is going to be drastically different from the last. The internet is changing at an incredible rate, and the more it changes, the more diverse internet security has to become.

When you’re trying to break through the latest defences, identify where data could be exploited, or predict the next move a hacker is going to make. You must be constantly developing, learning new skills, and discovering new ways of doing things. Once one form of ransomware has been identified and stopped, its on to the next, and you can all but guarantee that its going to be more difficult to crack than the last.

First Line of Defence

As someone working in internet security, you are the first line of defence against malicious hackers. For every tool a hacker develops, those responsible for internet security have to be one step ahead each time. If you can’t stay on top of the threats out there, then they’re going to start causing damage.

You provide defence for companies and the personal information that they hold. There are many aspects of internet security that draw a startling parallel to standard policing: it is your job to stop information being kidnapped and put to ransom, identify vulnerable targets, and safeguard the transportation of information.


Endless Challenges

There are few careers that present more varied challenges than internet security. All you have to do is take a look at the top ransomware attacks of any year, to see how varied the attacks can be, and what kind of challenges that you have to face and evolve to deal with.

Different systems need to be understood, tools must be developed to understand these systems before others are able to, and endless problems need to be solved along the way. To succeed in internet security, you need to be able to get into the mindset of a hacker and exceed what they can do, all while under time constraints.

A Rewarding Role

So, why do so many people choose to take on such a difficult career? The main reason is that internet security is a rewarding experience through and through. Whether you identify a serious security problem in a company’s system, or are able to give them the all-clear, it’s a pleasure knowing that you have played a role in making the internet a safer place.

You’re constantly learning and developing, getting new skills that you can share with others. With every success, you work to prevent serious risks and stop vital information being compromised. Whether you’re able to help a company patch a small security problem or defend against a full-scale breach – you are constantly battling online risks.

The Future of Internet Security

At Fidus Information Security, we are always improving and developing to face the latest threats to online businesses. From application security to phishing assessments and IT Health Checks, professionals in the space need to provide a comprehensive penetration testing solution that keeps them ahead of the competition (and hackers.)


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The environment of the internet is ever-changing, and the best thing about working in internet security is that the race to stay ahead is always getting faster. To catch online bad guys, you need an online police force that is in front, not behind.

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I am Andrew Mabbitt, a cybersecurity expert at Fidus Information Security. As an ethical hacker, his job is to detect and rectify security vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do.

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