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Enable Digital Shrink Web Signature with Code Signing Certificate

Code Signing Certificate is aimed to secure Software/application code using the digital signing technology. Once a software/application code protected with code sighing, it indicates the code is not being tempered or modified since it was signed. Not only software and Apps but it can also secure documents and files as well. You can compare Code Signing Certificates from top SSL brands in this article also.

Why Use Code Signing Certificates?

  • Supports multiple desktop-based platforms & Operating systems like Microsoft, Java, Mac OS, Linux, etc.
  • Supports multiple mobile-based platforms like Android, iOS, Xbox 360, BREW, Blackberry, Windows mobile OS, etc.
  • It can secure Microsoft office documents, adobe air files, etc..
  • Eliminates browser and OS warnings and allows to distribute software/application successfully over the internet.
  • Increase user’s trust and confidence and boost up software sale.
To issue code signing certificate the issuer needs to submit legal business documents required by a certificate authority. Code signing certificate also available for individual software and application developers.

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Code Signing Certificate is an essential part of software developers and publishers to create an essential security for their software on the Internet. It helps to protect software code and content integrity on the web and ensure users that software code and content haven’t been altered since it was signed by a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) code signing certificate. Being an expert in digital security, it’s always highly appreciated that if you want to deliver an incredible trust and confidence with your software on the web, then you must have to buy Code Signing Certificate security before you publish software on the web. We offer the best Code Signing Certificate comparison for various big brands to find the best code signing certificate for a reasonable price.

Now, Get Code Signing Certificate available with EV (Extended Validation) feature which provides an additional layer of security called an EV Code Signing Certificate which displays the Organization address and types in the certificate. It comes up with the immediate reputation of Microsoft SmartScreen filter & also keeps malware, ransomware and cyber attackers at bay.

A Code Signing Certificate Desktop Platforms

Java Applet & Apps, Microsoft Windows Software (all version), Linux Software (all version), Mac OS X Software (all version), Adobe Air Files, Microsoft Office Documents (.xpi, .dll, .ocx, .cal), VBA objects, System Kernel Mode software, Mozilla Firefox Extensions, Microsoft Silver Light files, etc. can be secured with cheapest Code Signing certificate. Find out the desktop platforms supported by SSL brands at Compare Code Signing certificates chart.

A Code Signing Certificate Mobile Platforms

Java Application, Android and iPhone/iOS Applications, Windows mobile applications, Qualcomm Brew Applications, etc. can be secured with Code Signing Certificate. Check out the mobile platforms supported by SSL brands at Compare Code Signing certificates chart.

Compare Cheap Code Signing Certificates from Top Brands

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