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Entrust SSL Certificate Reviews

Read Entrust SSL Certificates Reviews by 100% Verified Entrust Customers

Entrust SSL CertificateEntrust® Inc., is a privately owned software business which offers security software & services in PKI industry including SSL Certificates, fraud detection software, mobile authentication and Digital certificates. Entrust® Inc., is an international business which is popular in about 60 countries.

In the field of digital security, Entrust offers various types of SSL certificates for website and software security. Entrust® have Standard domain validation SSL, Organization & Extended validation SSL certificates along with features of Multi-domain, Wildcard & UCC. Entrust® SSL Certificates are designed for strong encryption and high customer trust which makes it a successful CA (Certificate Authority). Entrust® also offers Code Signing, Document Signing & PDF signing certificate for their customers.

Entrust SSL Certificate reviews listed below will provide you a better knowledge and sources whether it satisfying their customer’s needs or it fails. These reviews are posted and been verified by trusted Entrust® Customers. You will find Entrust’s reviews on Various Products, Customer Experience, Support systems, SSL installation, SSL knowledge, etc…

If you are an existing Entrust customer and wants to share your experience on Entrust®’s SSL Security, please Write an Entrust SSL Certificate Reviews here which help others to understand about Entrust®’s stand in SSL industry.

Top Website using Entrust SSL Certificates

Entrust SSL Certificates

  • Standard SSL Certificate
  • Advantage SSL Certificate
  • Wildcard SSL Certificate
  • Private SSL Certificate
  • EV Multi-Domain Certificate
  • UC Multi-Domain SSL Certificate
  • Mobile Device Certificate
  • PDF Signing Certificate
  • Code signing Certificate
  • Secure email Certificate

Entrust’s Average Rating

ENTRUST Overall rating: ★★★☆☆ 3.4 based on 5 reviews
5 1


Entrust SSL Certificates Features & Prices

SSL Certificate Validation Issuance Time Price/Year Reviews
Standard SSL Certificate Domain + Organization 1-2 Days $163 3.5/53.5-star-rating-aboutssl-org
Advantage SSL Certificate Domain + Organization 1-2 Days $196 4/54-star-rating-aboutssl-org
Wildcard SSL Certificate Domain + Organization 1-2 Days $573 2/52-star-rating-aboutssl-org
Private SSL Certificate Domain + Organization 1-2 Days $122 3.5/53.5-star-rating-aboutssl-org
EV Multi-Domain SSL Domain + Extensive Organization 1-5 Days $280 3/53-star-rating-aboutssl-org
UC Multi-Domain SSL Domain + Organization 1-2 Days $262 3/53-star-rating-aboutssl-org

Entrust SSL FAQ

How Entrust Secure Email Certificates works?

For Entrust Secure Email Certificate, the Signer digitally signs the email and attachments. Now for encryption process both party need x.509 s/mime certificate and private key to decryption. Entrust Secure Email Certificates assures the email and the attachment is not being altered or tempered since its signed.

How to issue Entrust EV SSL Certificate?

Entrust Extended Validated SSL certificate offers the highest level of encryption & trust and it also displays the green address bar with the business name, this generates brand value among customers and internet as well. After buying Entrust EV SSL Certificate, the issuer needs to submit business documents and once Entrust team approved business documents they will issue the Certificate.

Is Entrust a reputed SSL Authority?

Obviously Entrust is a reputed SSL Certificate authority; Entrust is member of CA/B forum which handles SSL Certificate Authority and browsers. CA/B forum members are only considered as trusted Certificate authority so Entrust it. Entrust’s root certificates are also added into every browser’s trusted sources.

What is Entrust UC Multi-Domain SSL Certificates?

Entrust UCC (Unified Communication Certificate) Multi domain is Microsoft approved SSL certificate which is generally used to secure Microsoft Office Communication and Exchange server. It can secure up to 250 multiple fully qualified domains. It is featured with unlimited server license and reissuance including 99.99% web and mobile browser compatibility.

Which documents an Entrust document signing certificate can sign?

Entrust document signing certificate is designed to sign document digitally so user can share information without any hassle of tempering. It can secure Adobe files and Microsoft office documents. Any business or individual can make use of this certificate.

How to ensure website is encrypted with Entrust SSL?

When the user accessing a website or processing for transactions, they will find an Entrust Seal at the bottom of the website. The user just need to click on it. Now a popup will appear which displays the certificate information. This proves whether the website is genuine or not and whether trusted by Entrust.

Official Contact Information of Entrust

Website URL:

Official Address: Addison, Texas, United States

Social Presence of Entrust

Twitter: 2,239 followers

LinkedIn: 5,920 followers

Slideshare: 10 followers

Entrust SSL Reviews

Entrust Overall rating: ★★★☆☆ 3.4 based on 5 reviews
5 1

Great Support Team, Very Quick Response

4 5 1
Product Purchased: EV Multi-Domain
Support: They are excellent! Very helpful and responsive and fix problems easily.
Interface: Very easy. I just do everything myself from their easy to use web site.
Issuance Speed: Immediately
I have being using multi domain SSL certificate from Entrust CA and it’s been for 2 years. It’s my new purchase at Entrust, and I want to need new SSL certificate for my new website but I don’t know which legal documents are required for this SSL. I quickly contacted Support Team and I got response back within 5 minutes. Thanks for very quick response. I am very happy with Great Entrust Support Team.
- Christian Brock

Very Bad Support Experience

2 5 1
Product Purchased: Wildcard
Support: They are okay. They help with any problems but it can take a while.
Interface: Very easy. I just do everything myself from their easy to use web site.
Issuance Speed: Immediately
As promise, they ensure me to protect all my sub domains security with a single certificate. I wasn’t aware about this wildcard certificate. Support team help me with this. Thanks
- Ivan Simon

Fast SSL Issuance Provider

4 5 1
Product Purchased: Other
Support: I never needed their support.
Interface: Very easy. I just do everything myself from their easy to use web site.
Issuance Speed: Immediately
I am newbie with this security certificate and I was really not sure where to start and just got an incredible support from Entrust Support Team. Thanks, will recommend this.
- Orville Obrien

Makes easier to get an SSL Certificate

4 5 1
Product Purchased: Standard SSL
Support: I never needed their support.
Interface: Very easy. I just do everything myself from their easy to use web site.
Issuance Speed: Immediately
It’s easy to deal with entrust without any extra technical stuff.
- Omar Moss

Very Easy to Use, Trustworthy SSL Certificate Partner

3 5 1
Product Purchased: UC Multi-Domain
Support: I never needed their support.
Interface: Very easy. I just do everything myself from their easy to use web site.
Issuance Speed: Immediately
We are just amaze with interface of SSL certificate management at Entrust, where they allow easy management of multiple certificates at single control panel. Thanks for help.
- Kay Perez
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