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GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL Certificate Review – Learn its Features & Benefits

GeoTrust, one of the largest and most trusted SSL certificate providers, offers SSL certificates that meet the requirements of all types of businesses. It provides world-class security solutions based on the needs of the business. Depending upon your needs, you can choose an Extended Validation, Organization Validation or a Domain Validation certificate from GeoTrust at a lower cost.

Introduction of GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL Certificate

GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate is an Organization Validation certificate. This certificate helps secures your website and help visitors understand that they are dealing with a legitimate website. This low-cost SSL certificate is compatible on 99% mobile and desktop browsers and it comes with a $1.25M warranty. The dynamic site seal is a bonus feature that comes free with GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificates. Likewise, this certificate is well-known for rapid issuance.

When you buy a GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate, the ownership of your domain, as well as your organization will be verified.

GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificates offer professional solutions and are great for businesses and government websites. Because these certificates are organization validated certificates, it will take around 1-3 days for a certificate to be issued to your website. You can install SSL to any number of servers without paying extra as these certificates come with unlimited server licensing.


Business Validation

To get a GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate, you will need to go through the business validation process that involves three phases. First, you must validate your domain via email, which is the most common method used to verify ownership of a domain. The email sent by the certificate authority will contain a validation link. To validate your domain, just visit that link. The next step is validating your organization via public government databases and the final step is the callback validation. These steps will not take more than three days to complete.


Trust Logo

GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate comes with a bonus feature, the dynamic trust seal logo. This will help increase trust and conversions. This site seal will include the name of the organization and your address.


Browser Compatibility

When you purchase an SSL certificate, you need to check if the certificate is compatible on all browsers. It is an important factor you need to consider while making your purchase. You do not have to worry about browser compatibility while purchasing GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificates as they are compatible on almost all browsers and mobile devices.


Boost SEO ranking

Do you wish your site ranks better on Google? If yes and if your website still does not have an SSL certificate, get one soon to rank higher on Google. Google’s policy claims that websites with SSL are ranked higher. Make sure you have an SSL certificate from a trusted certificate authority and that it is active at all times to be on top of Google search.

GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL Certificate – Features

  • Secures your domain with and without www
  • Complete business validation
  • Issued in 1-3 days
  • 256-bit encryption
  • $1,250,000 warranty
  • Compatible on 99% desktop and mobile browsers
  • Dynamic site seal
  • Unlimited free reissues and server licenses
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Where to find GeoTrust True BusinessID SSL Certificate at Cheap Price?

While there are a lot of choices when it comes to SSL certificates, you have to keep in mind certain things before you make a final decision. Not all SSL certificates are the same and not all those certificates provide the same level of security to your website. You have to protect your website against cyber attacks and safeguard your visitors’ information. A GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate will provide the security your website needs.


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Final Thoughts

If you are a business that deals with requesting personal information from users like their credit card information, you must first help your visitors understand that their information will be safe in your hands. To do so, you will need an SSL from a trusted certificate authority and a visual security indicator on your website, like the security seal from GeoTrust. This will let your visitors know that your website is trustworthy. Likewise, the 256-bit encryption is an added advantage as it will make sure that the information transferred cannot be deciphered. Go for a GeoTrust True BusinessID Certificate, to secure your website and protect your visitors’ information, as well.

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