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Cyber-attacks continue to impact businesses negatively on a day-to-day basis, due to which reputable and big companies are continuously losing many customers as its damaging their brand’s image. In this background, the cybersecurity industry has taken stern measures to ensure that criminal activities get minimized. In 2019, you can expect some of the incredible creativity as the stakeholders try to develop and implement different strategies. Let’s explore the article and see what the steps are so you can prepare accordingly.

Why Is Cyber Security Important?

Some businesses fail to embrace the available cybersecurity measures as they are not entirely aware of the benefits. Below are some of the significant benefits which shouldn’t be overlooked:

  • It helps companies to eliminate the costs of cyber-attacks like a loss in trust of customers and opting for other products. Apart from this, the cost of remediation is also high.
  • It ensures that a business complies with the regulations, and hence reduces the levels of disruptions.
  • It is indicative that a business is serious about risk management, which in turns becomes helpful in building a good reputation in a market.
  • It helps deal with the competitive pressure. Besides supporting a business to build a strong brand, it will be helpful to avoid situations where competitors get an advantage of accessing secrets and critical information.
Here are some of the trends that the cyber-security industry will embrace in 2019:

1. Use of Two-Factor Authentication

It’s one of the methods which is employed by almost every company. So, it’s sensible to expect the cybersecurity industry to utilize it in this 2019 and onwards as well. In the past, people have only been required to provide username and password to access a site. Nowadays, it’s quite easy for cybercriminals to compromise such log-ins. The two-factor authentication solves the problem by requiring the users to utilize a unique code to log-in. The approach is not only practical, but it is also cost-effective for businesses.


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2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Identifying the criminals in the cybersecurity industry is one of the best ways of minimizing the attacks. It sends a message to others that the world is prepared to deal with the crime. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will help investigators to achieve the perfect results efficiently. Specific programs will be developed to ensure that the right information is obtained. Also, volumes of data will be analyzed quickly.

3. Focus on Cloud-Based Services

There have been few attacks on cloud-based services in the past. Even so, the few attacks on reputable brands have shown that companies need to take the security issue seriously. The industry is likely to develop incredible solutions in 2019.

4. Application of Blockchain Technology

The security that the blockchain technology offers to the users is alluring. Consumers who have invested in cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have been thrilled by the fact that the criminals are kept at bay. It is no wonder that many industries are embracing technology for security purposes. The cybersecurity stakeholders will not be left behind in 2019. They will use to ensure that data cannot be tampered with regardless of the techniques and tools used.

5. Collaboration between the Private and Public Sector

There has been a heated debate as to whose responsibility it is to protect companies from cyber-attacks. The private sector often feels helpless after the attacks, as the resources to identify the criminals are unavailable. On the other hand, the government opines that the private sector should take the necessary measures to limit the breaches. There is a chance to finding a way forward in 2019 through discussions on how the two industries can work together to solve the problem.

6. A Shift from Zero-Trust to Digital Trust

In the past, businesses adopted a model in cybersecurity where they viewed everyone in and out of an organization as a potential attacker. Policies were developed with this perspective in mind. While this has had its successes over the years, there have been challenges involved including decreased productivity and motivation amongst workers. It will be solved through the concept of digital trust. Here, everyone is empowered with critical information such as the proper use of devices and how to access or store data safely.

7. Risk Profiling Will Be Paramount

Every organization will take cybersecurity issues seriously; ultimately risk profiling will become a part of every decision made in 2019. They will like to know whether the technologies used will pose risks. Engaging the experts to help in this process will be vital because it will aid companies to find the most cost-effective solutions in their sector.

All in all, the cybersecurity industry will be prepared to deal with attacks and data breaches in 2019. Lastly, businesses must be aware of the available solutions because it aids them in the process of creating a good image and avoiding additional costs of operations.

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