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How Code Signing Certificate works?

Understand – How does a Code Signing Works and Protects the Software Code

Code Signing Certificate is a digital signature, which helps software developers and companies to sign their software code and content before they avail software to users on the Internet. With the help of these Code Signing Certificate, developers can give an assurance to users that the software or application which they are installing is coming from a trusted source and it’s genuine.


In other words, Code Signing is like a shrink wrapping of CD-based software, but it’s in digital form. For example, someone purchases CD of software from a store, it comes in wrapped package, so a person can decide whether it’s tampered with, opened or its original and should be trusted.

On the other hand, how someone can know whether it’s the same original software or not if they are downloading it from the internet. For this, the Code Signing Certificate is helpful. It gives a similar assurance and acts like a shrink wrap but in a virtual manner, while distributing the Software through the internet. Code Signing Certificate allows developers to add information about themselves and the code with a digital signature. The main benefit is that even a slight change in a line of code can be detected.

Let’s investigate details and know how code signing certificate works. If you look through the functionalities and the process of Code Signing Certificate, it’s almost same as SSL/TLS Certificate. That’s the reason, why SSL Certificate providers offer Code Signing Certificate.

  1. Apply for purchasing of a Certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA).
  2. CA will conduct the vetting process for verifying the identity, for a surety that it’s purchased by a trusted one.
  3. After verification certificate CA issues, the certificate.
  4. Once you’ve purchased it, you can install to the platform you wish like Adobe Air, Microsoft Authenticode, Java, and others.
  5. Once it completes, you can sign your executables and scripts.

Code Signing Certificate is available from multiple brands who offer a different range of price for their Code Signing certificate security. Let’s Compare Code Signing Certificates or different certificate authorities.

Product Name Coupon Code Price Per Year Refund Policy  
Comodo Code Signing AboutSSL10 $190.32/Yr 30 Days Learn More
Sectigo Code Signing AboutSSL10 $190.32/Yr 30 Days Learn More
DigiCert Code Signing AboutSSL10 $337.20/Yr 30 Days Learn More

Video Tutorial – What is a Code Signing Certificate?

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