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How to tackle SSL certificate mismatch error

The concern error of SSL certificate occurs when someone accesses the wrong domain name other than the real domain name which got installed an SSL certificate. If user analyze the error then they could understand that originate domain name is the different one other than he accessed. Let’s take brief view on the following mismatch error according the different web browsers policy;

Troubleshoot Firefox SSL Mismatch Error


The following certificate uses an invalid security certificate, the certificate is only valid for “*”.

The following error can occur due to the following reasons;
  • If the user accesses the wrong domain name in the URL bar such as if the user tries to access the domain name and the certificate got installed on then it will show an SSL certificate mismatch error.
  • A concern error occurs even certificate got installed properly such as a certificate installed for and users try to access the website through an IP address, or any other internal name then they will have a certificate mismatch error in their Firefox browser.
  • Another extreme reason for this error is, if the website has a self-signed certificate and the user types mismatch domain name in the URL bar then also it will show a domain mismatch error.

Troubleshoot Chrome SSL Mismatch Error

This is the probably not the site you are looking for!
The error will briefly explain that the following error occur due to access of invalid URL in the address bar. Please make sure to enter the correct website URL.




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