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How to Fix ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED in Google Chrome?

In the internet era, where everything is at your fingertips, one of the last things you would like to encounter is an error message like ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. It’s one of the frustrating errors which even indicate something has gone down the hill.

What Does This Google Chrome Error Message ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED Mean?

This error message usually occurs when the webpage you’re trying to visit tries to connect to the Google Chrome browser but fails. To put it in another way, your web browser, Google Chrome cannot establish a connection between the page you’re trying to visit and the web browser.
Sometimes this err_connection_refused chrome error message occurs due to server-side problems. It could also mean that something has gone wrong as a result of malware attacks, unreliable internet connection or unexpected downtime.

There are many reasons why this net err_connection_refused appears in the Chrome browser. Some of the common reasons are:

If you’re facing this error you do not have to worry. Let’s take a look at the different reasons for this error with proper solutions.

Solution:1 Checking if the Website Is Down

It’s the basic test. First, try to check whether the website is working or experiencing an outage. Try to access another site, if it loads, then something is wrong with that website and that’s why the error message is displayed. Maybe, it’s because of website downtime, for which you can wait. If another website also fails, then there’s some problem from your side and you have to look further into it.

Also, free tools like Down for everyone or just me are available to check whether the website is down just for you or for everyone. Paste the website URL you’re trying to visit and check whether the website is facing downtime or it’s just you who’s facing the issue.

Submit the domain name and click the button, “or just me?” If the status is “up,” it means the website is working correctly and the problem is from your side. If the status shows “down,” then the issue is from the website.

Solution:2 Unauthorized Browser Extension

Extensions do make a considerable contribution to make the Google Chrome experience better. There are many extensions that even make a complicated process easy.

Nonetheless, most of the available extensions for Google Chrome are developed by third parties and not by the browser’s developers. It means there’s no guarantee that an extension will work the way it’s expected or that it will be updated over time.

Many times, users have outdated or incorrect extensions enabled, which is likely to create issues – including the NET::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED chrome error message. Due to such issues, it’s recommended to audit the extensions installed in your browsers often.

To assess the Google Chrome browser extensions, go to the Extensions menu – click the three dots at the top right corner of the browser, click More tools > Extensions. It will open the page with the list of all the installed extensions. You can now check the list and remove the extensions you don’t need it.

For other extensions, disable one at a time and check whether the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error message still appears. If the website loads after you disable a certain extension, you can remove that extension.

Also, be careful with the installed extensions and the ones you install later on. Usually, extensions get an update every three months. If the developer of the extension does not offer any update, then it’s better to remove it.

Solution:3 Internet Connection Is Down

As the name implies, if you’re facing problems with the internet connection, you are likely to face this error message. In this case, it’s recommended to check your internet connectivity. The Google chrome error message ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED could have occurred because your internet connection dropped.

Solution:4 Clear Google Chrome Cache

Like any other web browser, Google Chrome also stores information in its cache on your device or computer. For example, web browsing history, login details, and cookies. All this data is stored to make your next visit easier whenever you try to visit the same webpage or website again.

They’re useful, but it can create an issue if it becomes outdated. Because the current cache version of a website might not match with the stored ones, which can result in error messages, including the err_connection_refused error. Fortunately, you can clear the stored cache data.

To clear the cache, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the settings area of Google chrome by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner.
  • In the Settings Page, click the “Advanced” option.
  • In the Privacy and Security section, select and click on the “Clear browsing data” option.
  • The “Clear browsing data” pop up will open. In the Time range, select “All time” and check all the options.
  • Finally, click “Clear data.”
Alternatively, type the URL below in to the address bar and hit enter. Select “All Time” in Time range and select all the options listed below and click “Clear date.”



Solution:5 Clear DNS Cache

Similar to the option to clear the cache and cookies, there is another option to clear the DNS cache. Like the browser cache, the DNS cache is created and stored by the operating system.

It stores all the temporary entries such as the pages visited through your web browser, domain names and the addresses of the pages you visited.

The purpose of the DNS cache is similar to the other caches. It accelerates the loading process and eliminates the need to contact the website’s DNS server frequently. Similar to the browser cache, if the DNS cache is stored longer and fails to match with the current version of the website, technical errors like the err connection refused message could occur.

Clearing DNS in Windows

To clear the DNS cache in Windows, run command prompt as an administrator and run,

netsh winsock reset catalog

Run the below command after the execution of the above command.


Finally, restart your computer and now you will not see the error.

Solution:6 Clearing DNS in MAC

In MAC, click on “Go” in the menu bar and then “Utilities.” (Shift+Command+U)
Go to Terminal
And run the below command. (Administrator rights are needed)

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder && echo macOS DNS Cache Reset

Once you complete the above steps, try to rerun the website. If you’ve followed the steps correctly and if the issue has been fixed, the website will be accessible.

Solution:7 Outdated Web Browser

Using the latest version of the browser is one of the ways to keep it equipped with all the newly released security patches. It helps to keep your surfing experience smooth and trouble-free from the security threats present in the older version of the browser.

If you’re facing Chrome error messages, such as the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error, it could be because of the outdated version browser you are using. In this case, it’s advised to check and update your browser. (In certain cases, you may even have to reinstall the browser.)

Security Segments Such As Antivirus or Firewall

The purpose of having a firewall or antivirus installed is to keep the user safe from malicious viruses and suspicious activity. However, at times, it can lead to connection issues due to its advanced security.

So, it’s advised to check if that’s the case with you. If so, you may have to disable the firewall and antivirus for a few minutes. If the error messages like ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is solved, then you know the answer. To avoid this type of error in the future, you need to update your antivirus software or install a new one.


Connection errors are always frustrating. But it’s essential to know that a solution is available. If you encounter such issues, your first call must be to check whether the issue relates to the website or if it is from your side.

If the error message is due to your internet connection, then you can follow the solutions mentioned above. If the problem persists, then it could be from the website and you have to wait until the website owner solves the issue.

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