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An Affordable GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL Providers of 2017

Single GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain SSL, Secure Multiple Domains

A Multi-Domain SSL certificate, aka UCC/SAN certificate allows to secure multiple domains for those organizations which have multiple domains and want to secure all of them with a single certificate. An enterprises and organizations owner no need to purchase an individual SSL certificate for all domains. A Multi-Domain SSL certificate is a cost saving option for the domain owner who can add multiple domains with a SAN option during the lifespan of the certificate.

Many certificate authorities, including SSL resellers offer Multi-Domain SSL certificate by allowing up to 100 SANs with a single certificate. In this article, we will expose the pricing, features and reviews of GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL certificate which is best renowned certificate in the SSL industry.

About GeoTrust Certificate Authority (CA)

The GeoTrust is a leading and trusted certificate authority with more than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries. GeoTrust offers a wide range of SSL certificate for small businesses as well as large enterprises. A GeoTrust SSL certificates are best if you have an individual, small, eCommerce or payment merchant business and has achieved success in fulfilling their security requirement with data integrity and authentication.


Which Domains Secured by GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL?

A GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL certificate allowing to secure up to 25 domains in its lifespan. Many shared hosting companies use this multi-domain SSL certificate. A single GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL certificate can secure websites like:

  • subdomain.anydomain.tld

Review Chart of the Most Trusted Certificate Authorities (CA’s)

Certificate Authority Price Free Trial? Review Score
GeoTrustgeotrust-logo-aboutssl-org $70 – $396.47 Yes, 30 Days 4.7/54.5-star-rating-aboutssl-org
Symantecsymantec-logo $250 – $4326.14 Yes, 30 Days 4.5/54.5-star-rating-aboutssl-org
Thawtethawte-logo $65 – $394.80 Yes, 21 Days 4.6/54.5-star-rating-aboutssl-org
Comodocomodo-logo $8 – $274.17 Yes, 30 Days 4.8/54.5-star-rating-aboutssl-org
GoDaddygodaddy-aboutssl-org $55.99 – $269.99 Yes, 45 Days 3.5/53.5-star-rating-aboutssl-org $49 – $225 Yes, 90 Days 3.3/53.5-star-rating-aboutssl-org

Why choose GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL Certificate for Website Security?

  • Organization Validated SSL

A True BusinessID Multi-Domain SSL certificate is an organization validated SSL certificate means a website owner must be verifying their domain name and business existence by providing some business documents as per certificate authority requirement. Once the GeoTrust CA verifies it, they can send the certificate files in a zip format via an email.

  • Reduce Administrators Task

With a single Multi-Domain (UCC) SSL certificate, a domain owner host their multiple domains using Subject Alternative Name (SAN) field. This eliminates the need to manage separate SSLs for every single FQDN and save time on CSR generation and SSL installation process.

  • Encryption Strength

It’s a necessity to keep your customer’s information safe which is transferred between a web server and the browser and encrypted with 256-bit encryption. It creates a secure environment for users as well website and nobody would be intercepting the information exchange or altered, which can increase the customer confidence for that website.

  • Dynamic Trust Seal

A Trust Seal is a visual sign or a trust indicator where users can get assured about website integrity and authenticity. A GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL certificate comes with the dynamic trust seal that can be put on website or web page to get the highest assurance of users.

  • Browser Compatibility

A GeoTrust True BusinessID Multi-Domain SSL carries a 99%+ browser compatible with all major web browsers, desktop and mobile devices. Users cannot get any SSL error warning message and enjoy a smooth browsing experience on your website.

  • Warranty Amount

A GeoTrust is a trusted certificate authority provides quickest issuance and authentication, there are insignificant chances of wrong issuance of a certificate. Still GeoTrust takes care of customer’s safety and website security, offers a NetSure warranty of $1250K warranty with their Multi-Domain SSL certificate.

Who are the cheap GeoTrust Multi Domain SSL Certificate Providers?

Cheapest price with strong security is an extra benefit for any of the business who seeks online security. Here, we are searching and collection some cheapest GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL providers from Google search engine which will help you to choose the right one for your business and entrepreneur.

SSL Certificate Providers Included Domains Issuance Time Price/Year
GeoTrust Official Website
  • Secure up to 25 domains
  • 5 (4 SAN + 1 Base) Domains Included
1-3 Days $359
The SSL Store (Recommended)
  • Secure up to 100 domains
  • 5 (4 SAN + 1 Base) Domains Included
1-3 Days $235.50
  • Secure up to 100 domains
  • 5 (4 SAN + 1 Base) Domains Included
1-3 Days $235.50
  • Secure up to 25 domains
  • 5 (4 SAN + 1 Base) Domains Included
2-5 Days $319
  • Secure up to 25 domains
  • 5 (4 SAN + 1 Base) Domains Included
2-5 Days $319


A GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL certificate is a cost-effective solution for those business owners who want to secure their multiple domains with a single certificate. Using this multi-domain certificate, you can secure SMTP, Mail, OWA, auto-discovery and Outlook Anywhere. A GeoTrust Multi-Domain SSL certificate provides highest customer assurance to deal with the online transactions without any fear of losing their data over the web.


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