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What Is a Brute Force Attack and How to Prevent Them?

Here Are the Effective Measures You Can Take to Prevent Brute Force Attack A brute force attack is one of the simplest hacking methods ever since the history of the internet (or even the history of computers). The theory behind a brute force attack is very simple: if...

How Safe Is Mobile Banking: Threats and Solutions?

Mobile app development has changed a lot of industries, including banking. These days, people use their phones for payments, transactions, and a lot of other things. But as the technology adaptation is increasing, so as security issues. So, security is one of the...

How to Secure Remote Network Access

The year 2020 has seen a huge increase in the number of employees working remotely, as a result of the social distancing restrictions that have left millions unable to leave their homes. We cannot be exactly sure of how long these measures will be in place but even...

How to Protect Your Private Data on Smart Devices

Smart devices are always safe to use? Not necessarily. While you may expect these IoT devices to have the top protection of your private data, but manufacturers get reports of more and more security flaws. In June 2019, Amazon was informed that Ring, Amazon’s video...
Top 11 Ways to Secure Your Domain from Being Hacked

Top 11 Ways to Secure Your Domain from Being Hacked

So, you have seen the bright future of online entrepreneurship. For sure, you now have an idea about having a website and growing your network using various digital marketing channels. However, there are other important things you need to have in check before...
How to Protect Your Server Against DDoS Attacks?

How to Protect Your Server Against DDoS Attacks?

Protecting Server Against DDoS Attacks DDoS attacks are a widespread threat in today’s digital climate. If you host a website on a dedicated server, you need to be aware of the severity of an attack and take measures to protect yourself. Otherwise, you could...
Encryption: How Safe Does it Need to Be?

Encryption: How Safe Does it Need to Be?

Cryptography has a long history that extends back to the ciphers of Ancient Greece, through the height of codebreaking led by Alan Turing at Bletchley Park in the Second World War. Though, until recent decades, it hasn’t been used for an everyday activity beyond the...
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