Compare Wildcard SSL Certificates

Comparison of Wildcard SSL Certificates to protect unlimited sub domains on single Fully Qualified Domain Name

Wildcard SSL Certificates are aimed to secure a domain name along with its unlimited number of sub-domains. Whether it’s a domain validated Certificate or a business validated certificate, wildcard SSL functions works on both. Wildcard can secure only first level sub-domains which means the issuer must buy the wildcard SSL certificate for * to secure unlimited sub-domain of

Single Wildcard certificate can secure

  • *

If a user with to secure; this is a case of 2nd level domain security, so he need to purchase the wildcard SSL Certificate for * Now he can secure any number of sub-domains for

Why Wildcard SSL Certificates?

As it secures a domain and its unlimited number of sub-domain, it helps user to save his valuable time and money as well, just because he doesn’t need to buy a new SSL certificate for individual domains. Wildcard Certificate’s price is very much low comparing it with Multi domain and Extended validation certificates.


Wildcard SSL Certificate is an effective and practical solution for the fastest growing field of e-commerce websites security on the web. Wildcard Certificate allows multiple domains security, which includes one main domain and multiple sub domains. Its reasonable solution to small and medium scale online business websites security who demands user’s sensitive information for financial transactions. It’s always best practice to have the best wildcard SSL certificate with unlimited server, so single certificate can work on the multiple web servers too.

So a website with multiple sub-domains, Wildcard SSL Certificate is a perfect option.

Drawback of Wildcard SSL Certificates

  • Not available in Extended validation options, its only available in Organization validation and domain validation certificate option..
  • User can’t add a multi domain as a wildcard domain, but a multi domain allows to add a wildcard domain.
  • Managing single certificate and private key on multiple servers, security is a question on this kind of cases.

Here’s you can compare Wildcard SSL Certificates which is included with SSL Brand Name, CA Rating, Price, Encryption level, Free features, customer support and customer reviews. This comparison will help user to get his perfect wildcard SSL Certificate for his website. If the user still doesn’t satisfy with our comparison table, he should visit our SSL Wizard to understand which SSL he should buy.

Let’s pick your option from the best Wildcard SSL Certificates – Compare Wildcard SSL certificates

Brand rapidssl-logo comodo-logo thawte-logo geotrust logo
SSL Certificate RapidSSL Wildcard Essential SSL Wildcard SSL123 Wildcard True BusinessID Wildcard
CA Rating RapidSSL Reviews COMODO Reviews THAWTE Reviews GeoTrust Reviews
Pricing for 1 Year $149 $95 $299 $439
Pricing for 2 Year  $130/Yr $83.12/Yr  $261.63/Yr  $384/Yr
Price – As Low As $124/Yr $79.17/Yr $249.17/Yr $366.33/Yr
Domains Secured Unlimited Sub-Domains Unlimited Sub-Domains Unlimited Sub-Domains Unlimited Sub-Domains
Issuance Speed Issued Within Minutes Issued Within Minutes Less than 1 Day 1-2 Working Days
Validation Required Domain Validation Domain Validation Domain Validation Domain and Business Validation
Notification Level in Web Browsers Domain Name Displayed Domain Name Displayed Domain Name Displayed Domain name and Business Name Shown
Encryption Strength Up to 256 Bit Up to 256 Bit Up to 256 Bit Up to 256 Bit
Browsers Compatibility 99% + Most popular mobile devices 99% + Most popular mobile devices 99% + Most popular mobile devices 99% + Most popular mobile devices
Include Site Seal Included Included Included Included
Number of Free Reissues Allowed Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Server License Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free PCI Scanning N/A N/A N/A N/A
Free Daily Vulnerability Scanning N/A N/A N/A N/A
Support Options Yes Yes Yes Yes
Warranty $10,000 $10,000 $500,000 $1,250,000
Refund Policy 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
Certificate Authority Review Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews Read Reviews
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