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A Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) record is a DNS record type that allows you to choose which certificate authorities can issue certificates for your domain(s). If you have specific CAs in your mind and want only them to issue certificates for your domain(s) in your future, you can do it easily. Once you choose your preferred CAs using this tool, no CA outside of your Wishlist will be able to issue SSL certificate for your website. This way only your trusted CAs can issue certificates and it doesn’t expose you to the outside dangers.

Starting from September 8, 2017, all the CAs must check for a site’s CAA record before issuing a certificate. Whether it’s DV, OV or EV, it’s obligatory for all types of certificates. Keep in mind that only it’s compulsory for the CAs, not for the domain name owners.

Generate your CAA Record

You can generate your CAA record in no time using our lightning fast tool. Just type in your domain name along with your favorite CAs and certificate type. The rest will be done by our superb tool.

Select Authorized CA:
CA Name Non-Wildcard Wildcard
(GeoTrust, Thawte, RapidSSL)
(Comodo CA)

Are you Using your Domain Registrar’s DNS or Another Service?

Don’t you worry one bit as most of the domain registrars support CAA record. Following are some of the most prevalent DNS providers complying with CAA records: