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CSR Generator tool – Create Certificate Signing Request for Free

Generating CSR is the first step to create an SSL certificate and CSR Generator is cost free & quick tool which generates Certificate Signing Request.

To generate CSR add all the mandatory options displayed in below form and press the Generate CSR Button.

Note: Please Select Signature Algorithm as SHA-2, because SHA-1 is now out dated and not accepted by major browsers.

You will get the CSR into an encrypted format along with private key. Copy both CSR and Private Key data into a separate file, give a referred name and save them into your Server Directory.

  • Read instructions and fill in all the gaps using standard characters and click red button below.
  • CSR will be shown on the screen.
  • Copy and paste it to text editor and save it as csr.txt - you will need it after ordering SSL certificate.
  • The second file will be your private key - you will need it during the SSL certificate instalation. Save it and do not share it with anyone.
* Domain:
CN - Common Name
Fully qualified domain name of your server. (With or without the WWW).
* Company:
O - Organization Name
Legal name of your company or organization.
* Division:
OU - Organization Unit
Division of the organization handling the certificate.
* City:
L- Locality
Type the City
* State:
ST - State or Province
Type the state.
* Country:
C - Country code
Choose your country.
Please type your e-mail address.
* Root Length:
* Signature Algorithm:

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