What is Documents Signing Certificate?

Secure Documents using Document Signing Certificate

Every small of Giant businesses are sending their documents to their clients (could be a bill, statement, broacher, prospectus, annual report, etc.) either via email or by use of other platforms. These documents carry confidential information, which must be transferred under a secured environment to build the client’s trust. So when clients open that documents, they feel trustworthy and confident. To distribute documents successfully over internet with any fear or tempering or loss, the document signing certificate is an ultimate option.

Document Signing certificate are designed to secure Microsoft Office Documents, Adobe PDF Files, OpenOffice and LibreOffice documents. When a document transits form one destination to other via email or directly over internet, if the documents is encrypted using a Document signing certificate, it assures that file was not tempered or changed by any person or robot.

Signed documents display a trust indicator in the corner which improvers the receipt’s trust level and he can easily understand that the document is in same condition as it was at sent, which means the document is not been changed or tempered since it was signed and signature applied.

Document Signing certificates are come up with quick validation process and build in with high security policy which help your clients & users to increase trust on you.


Advantages of using document signing certificates

  • Accessible by any document editing software.
  • Enhances a Secured electronic document workflow.
  • Establish document authorship and integrity.
  • Resource and time saving by adopting paperless workflow.
  • Supports multiple documents platforms as Microsoft office, Adobe PDFs, LibreOffice, etc.…
  • Boost up client and user trust
  • Easy to use in all available platforms

Who can use Document Signing Certificate?

  • All online business which deals with customer’s billing, transaction details, e-broachers, etc.
  • University, to protect student’s mark sheets, certificates and report card details
  • Banking, to protect customer’s e-statements, transaction details, etc.

Document Sighing Certs can secure

  • Adobe PDF files
  • Microsoft office documents
  • LibreOffice documents
  • OpenOffice documents

Document Signing Certifcate Brands