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Why EV SSL Certificate is Important on E-commerce Websites?

EV SSL – Displays Organization Name in the URL

The hackers are snooping over digital platforms such as e-commerce stores, government sites, health, and insurance companies to gain financial benefits. The theft customer sensitive information by using spamming techniques like Email Spam, Instant Messaging (IM) Spam, Forum and Comment Spam, Mobile Phone Spam.

They make users tend to click on spam links and try to catch the confidential information such as credit card details or social insurance numbers. There are plenty of financial transactions used to happen on various platforms like banking, financial institutions, government sectors need to protect essentially. An SSL certificate helps these networks to encrypt the transactions on the Internet.

What is EV SSL – Extended Validation SSL?

An Extended Validation aka an EV SSL certificate assures complete website security solutions to encrypt the sensitive and digital information. Having a website with EV SSL enables a website. User can see a company name in the browser address bar which indicates to customers that the site is entirely safe, authenticated and reliable for online transactions.

Why EV SSL Important on E-commerce Store?

  • Industry’s highest level of assurance certificate
  • It (EV SSL) follows a very strict validation process
  • It assures that the company is genuine and legitimate
  • It shows verified business name in the browser address bar
  • It encrypts the confidential online transactions
  • It boosts customer trust and increase the organization profits
  • It guarantees complete website and data protection
  • It improves website ranking in Google SERP

How to Defenses Online Frauds and Scams?

The best defenses of online frauds and scams generally rely on caution while on using the internet. Such as,

  • Don’t open an email from untrusted resources or senders, possible to use a spam filter or anti-spam software to defense them.
  • Don’t give out personally identifiable information to anyone (like your name, address, age, social insurance number, etc.) without a valid reason.
  • Verify the request your personal detail online before responding it. For example, no reputable bank or financial organizations will never ask your confidential details via an email or on phone calls.
  • Minimize your risk by visiting only trusted websites.
  • Turn any device that uses the internet to offline mode when they are not in use

Role of EV SSL Certificate in E-commerce Industry

An Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate helps the e-commerce owners to secure confidential data of the customer which transmits over the Internet. The certificate authority offers EV SSL certificates for the company owners to build the user and customer trust while shopping online and makes it safe, reliable and encrypted for every successful online transaction. The company entity is authentic for legitimacy before the issue of EV SSL certificate and so customers can be sure that they have on a reliable platform and their transactions are encrypted.

A List of Certificate Authorities who delivers The Best EV SSL Certificates

If you are running an e-commerce, banking or government website, it is important that your customers feel safe on a website and comfortable in giving you their sensitive information like credit card information. Using an EV SSL certificate is a common way to ensure such security.

To find the best and reliable SSL certificates from the trusted SSL certificate providers might be a very difficult in today’s competitive market. We will explore the list of certificate authority where you can get an inexpensive certificate and efficient customer service. Take a look at here.

Symantec (VeriSign)

symantec-ca-aboutsslSymantec (formerly VeriSign) is a trusted third-party company that issues digital certificates which are used to create digital signatures and public-private key pairs. The Symantec’s authentication business is one of the most reliable and used by most popular e-commerce (like overstock, bluenile, ebags, etc.) and banking (like SBI Bank, HSBC Bank, Deutsche Bank, etc.) platforms on the internet.  Symantec SSL certificates support up to 256-bit encryption, including $1.5 million warranty and vulnerability assessment.


comodo-image-aboutsslThe Comodo is one of the most popular certificate authority which is “used by 15.2% of all the website and has 41.8% market share” reported by W3Techs. Comodo CA offers all types of SSL certificates which suited for individuals, home offices to businesses, enterprise, and e-commerce businesses. The Comodo SSL certificate offers up to 256-bit encryption with unlimited server licenses and trusted by almost all web browsers as well as mobile devices. The issuance time of the Comodo Domain Validation SSL certificate is under 5-10 minutes and it takes up to 7 days for an extended validation SSL certificate.

Comodo CA is one of the most reputable and trusted certification authorities in the world.


geotrust-image-aboutssl-orgIf you think that Symantec is a bit more expensive than GeoTrust is an excellent choice for website owners which SSL certificates at economical prices. GeoTrust SSL comes with 256-bit encryption; warranty and expert support team are available 24/7 for all options. GeoTrust has more than 1,00,000 satisfied customers in 150 countries around the world.


digicert-logo-aboutssl-orgDigiCert is trusted and highly recommended as an SSL certificate provider to companies around the world, including Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, PayPal, and Wikimedia. DigiCert is a WebTrust-certified certificate authority and a member of the Better Business Bureau, which offers up to 2048-bit SSL certificates at inexpensive costs. They constantly work to improve their customer services rather than developing other products and therefore, their pricing scheme can be adjusted to more competitive prices.


godaddy-logo-aboutssl-orgGoDaddy is another option for an EV SSL certificate. GoDaddy is the biggest domain registrar and hosting company, but they also offer an SSL certificate for website security. Basic GoDaddy SSL certificate starts $69.99 and the price of the deluxe package is $89.99. Both packages are customizable as per your needs. The People are likely to put more trust into a name like GoDaddy and the customer enjoys their 24/7 support via live chat or phone call.


Your options are certainly not limited to the above choices; you may find more SSL providers over the internet to be way better than the rest. If you are confusing and difficult to find the right SSL certificate for your business, then AboutSSL.org has an excellent tool “SSL Wizard Tool” to help you make your decision better.


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