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How to View SSL Certificate Information in Firefox?

View SSL Certificate Details in Firefox 70

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypts data sent over the internet. Whenever you visit a website, make sure the website you’re visiting is secured by an SSL certificate. However, not everyone knows how to view the SSL certificate details of websites in different browsers. This article explains how to view SSL certificate details in the latest version of Firefox.

As of now, Firefox allows its users to view SSL certificate details through the following three ways.


Option #1 – Open Firefox and Visit an SSL Enabled Website

  • Right-click anywhere on the web page
  • Click on View Page Info
  • Switch to the Security tab
  • Click on View Certificate

Option #2 – Open an SSL Enabled Website on Firefox

  • Click on the padlock icon on the left-hand side of the address
  • Click on the arrow on the right-hand side of Connection 
  • In the popup showing your organization details, click on More Information to view certificate details

Option #3 – Go to an SSL Enabled Website

  • From the three-bar menu at the top right corner, open Web Developer
  • Select Network and reload the page
  • Click on the section you want to check
  • Switch to Security to display certificate information.
Mozilla has now introduced a new “Certificate Viewer” in Firefox 70. This new viewer has already been enabled in Firefox Nightly 70. Now that Firefox has come up with a new certificate viewer, there is a change in the above-mentioned steps to view a website’s SSL certificate in the updated version of the browser.

In Firefox 70, there is an “about:certificate” page where the certificate details will be displayed. More details about the certificate chains will be displayed in the tabs. Firefox’s new Certificate Viewer opens in a separate tab on Firefox. You can use the “about:certificate” URL to view the certificate details but you may not be able to open the URL if you do not specify the certificate. This new Certificate Viewer was developed by Mozilla using modern technologies. Firefox’s new Certificate Viewer will display information of the issuer, the validity of the certificate, fingerprint and the public key when you launch it.

Firefox has introduced a new Certificate Viewer displaying SSL certificate details in a separate tab to make sure that the certificate details display well irrespective of the user’s screen size.



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