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SSL Certificate Reviews, Comparison, Installation Guides & Error Fixing Tricks

Making Sure Your Site Gets the Right SSL Security

Most Popular SSL Certificate Authorities

A Certificate Authority (CA) is the entity that properly validates and issues digital security certificates for many different use cases across a connected world. The CA manages the infrastructure, trusted roots, public keys, private keys, and credentials for authentication and encryption of data in motion. The CA/B Forum is the governing body for public web server certificates or SSL/TLS certificates and has approved 50+ Certificate Authorities across the globe and has them listed as a publicly trusted CA. is an affiliate website operated by The SSL Store who is now a DigiCert, Inc. company, but still reviews and recommends multiple CA providers, such as; DigiCert, Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Comodo and Sectigo since they are among the most trusted SSL Certificate Authorities globally.

Major SSL Certificate Types

SSL Certificate comes up with three main types as Domain Validated (DV SSL), Organization Validated (OV SSL), and Extended Validated (EV SSL). Each SSL type has different functionality, different verification process, and different prospectus to use.
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Domain Validated SSL

A DV SSL offers a standard 256-bit encryption to a website to encrypt the browser server communication and secure user’s sensitive information over the internet.

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Organization Validated SSL

An OV SSL offers the strongest 256-bit encryption along with 99.9% browser and server compatibility and recommended to secure medium level business websites.

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Extended Validated SSL

An EV SSL comes up with the industry’s highest-level encryption and trust. EV SSL is recommended for Ecommerce, Banking, Government, Financial, Social Media, etc.

SSL Reviews

Before getting an SSL Certificate, a user must check for its technical features, price, validation type, etc. which help him/her to understand whether an SSL worth to the website or not. AboutSSL provides the true review of different SSL Certificate Authorities and SSL Certificate products that helps a user to understand the functionality of an SSL.

Compare SSL

AboutSSL is offering a features SSL comparison tool; here, the user needs to take 2 or more different SSL products and the result will be displayed in a tabular format. SSL certificate comparison will cover the technical features, validation type, number of domains, servers, lowest price, warranty, refund policy, the site seal, and many more.

SSL Coupons

AboutSSL offers the lowest price SSL coupon codes, deals, promo codes, and discount codes of the world’s leading SSL Certificate authorities like Comodo, Sectigo, DigiCert,  Thawte, GeoTrust, RapidSSL, etc. Why spend more on your SSL purchase if you can use our coupons and get the maximum discount benefit and save more money!

SSL Certificate Browser Errors and Troubleshooting Guide

To run a secure website successfully in a browser, the SSL must be installed properly without any mistake. Still, one simple mistake triggers the SSL error in different web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, etc.
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SSL Certificate Errors in Chrome

Chrome is the most trusted web browser and its worldwide internet usage is at the top. Chrome is very quick and strict to display an SSL certificate error. Mainly chrome shows SSL Certificate is not trusted and SSL Certificate Mismatch errors. Learn about Google Chrome SSL errors and fixing guides.

firefox logo

SSL Certificate Errors in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is 2nd most popular web and mobile browser; it also follows the quick and strict policy to show the SSL error on the user screen. While checking a website on Firefox, the user can see following common SSL errors as Secure Connection Failed, This Connection is Untrusted, etc.

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SSL Certificate Errors in IE

Microsoft owned Internet Explorer enables strict policy to display various SSL Certificate errors. Commonly, IE shows Untrusted SSL Certificate error and Invalid SSL Certificate error while checking a website. Learn more about the other Internet Explorer SSL Errors and their fixing guide.

Best SSL Certificate Providers

Are you looking for the best SSL Certificate providers? Are you looking for the cheapest SSL Certificate which that fits in your budget and protect your website?

AboutSSL brings the list of best SSL Certificate providers of 2022, which are affordable as well as offer the premium range of SSL Certificates. Getting the SSL directly from Certificate Authority may cost you more but these SSL providers will give you an additional discount which is suitable for your pocket.


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