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SSL Errors by Browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer

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Today SSL Certificates are widely used to secure the communication between browser and server. Small/medium and large organizations are using SSL certificates. All leading web browsers, mobile browsers, web and mobile operating systems are now supporting SSL certificate and its algorithms.

Let’s talk about SSL certificate errors, it’s not so hard to use SSL to encrypt website and browser communication but generally SSL errors may occur during SSL issuance, SSL Installation and SSL use, just because of less SSL certificate knowledge or the user don’t follow the SSL Installation guideline on his web server.

SSL Certificate Errors by Different Web Browsers

If SSL certificate installed correctly on to server, sometimes browsers displays errors. Let’s read the SSL certificate errors by browser types.

SSL Certificate Errors in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox, #2 web and mobile browser in worldwide internet usage offers seamless & trusted internet surfing. Firefox is so much quicker to display SSL Certificate errors when you try to access a secured website or page.

  1. “Secure Connection Failed” error
  2. “This Connection is Untrusted” error

Firefox displays “Secure Connection Failed” error just because Firefox is not able to identify the Certificate authority which is concerned with that SSL Certificate. Firefox will display “This Connection is Untrusted” error because intermediate certificate was not installed or else Firefox setting were misconfigured.


List of Mozilla Firefox Errors

SSL Certificate Errors in Chrome

Chrome is today the most used web-browser which is dedicated to give speed, security, and trust to its users. When a user tries to surf an SSL encrypted page or a website, Chrome will display following two SSL Certificate errors:

  1. ‘SSL Certificate is not trusted’ error
  2. ‘SSL Certificate Mismatch’ error

Chrome will display the ‘SSL Certificate is not trusted’ error because the self-signed SSL certificate is installed in server. It will display ‘SSL Certificate Mismatch’ error because a web user tries to access a wrong domain name in which SSL certificate is not installed.


List of Google Chrome Errors

SSL Certificate Errors in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, owned by Microsoft offers safe internet browsing to its users. When a user tries to linkup an SSL encrypted page or website, Internet Explorer will display following two types of SSL certificate errors to its visitors

  1. ‘Untrusted SSL Certificate’ error
  2. ‘Invalid SSL Certificate’ error

Internet Explorer will display ‘Untrusted SSL Certificate’ error because it will find the root certificate is not signed by trusted certificate authority. IE will display ‘Invalid SSL Certificate’ error when a web user tries to access a domain name which is incorrect and SSL is not installed.

Before jumping into SSL certificate installation and usage, a user must learn important tactics.


List of SSL Certificate Errors on Internet Explorer

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